The Human Condition series explores various emotions, states of mind, struggles, and choices that we make, with an emphasis on the millennial generation (and younger) that exists in a critical time environmentally, politically, and economically. Through figurative allegory, the Human Condition series raises questions about the hard choices that we make in our lives, often dictated by societal norms and expectations. What is the significance of identity? How has globalization, technological development, and capitalist societal structure impacted our lives? These are questions that only prompt more questions than answers, and these allegorical paintings are meant to spark a metaphysical dialogue about relevant social topics through imaginative exploration of the magical narrative compositions. These paintings are designed to have multiple interpretations in the same way that the questions that we face have many potential answers. As a style that often invokes eeriness to mundane scenes, these magical realist paintings reflect on our surreal reality.

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