Human Condition series explores various emotions, states of mind, struggles, and choices that we make, with emphasis on the millennial generation that exists in a critical time environmentally, politically, and economically. Each of the figurative paintings is presented as magical realist narrative that often depicts alienated figures that evoke a sense of uncanniness to the seemingly mundane composition.Through figurative allegory, Human Condition series raises questions of the hard choices that we make in our lives, often dictated by societal norms and expectations.

As implied by the term allegory, each painting has alternative meaning in addition to the direct narrative. Although the deeper, metaphysical meaning behind these narratives can be sometimes vague or unclear, they are—in one way or another—relevant to the different human conditions: emotionality, conflict, growth, aspiration, and everything in between. The metaphysical meaning behind these narratives reflect on topics that are inspired by struggles and conditions of the millennial generation, yet the essence of the series, the human condition, are universal to all viewers.

Topics often seen on news including climate change and its effect on the survival of Earth and humankind, student debt crisis, and wealth inequality become a major source of concern, especially for millennials who will be the generation that will live through the major consequences and affect our choices. We are constantly challenged with difficult choices—Do we pursue education although it may come with a lofty debt? Do we pursue careers (which often requires higher education) and postpone starting family? Should we bring a child into this world when the existence of the natural world is uncertain? Magical realism, as a style that works by providing realistic context for magical events is chosen to reflect the surreal reality that we face on a daily basis.

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